Happy Feast of Saint Therese!

Eternal Father, I offer Thee the Wounds of Our Lord Jesus Christ to heal those of our souls.

Saint Therese

It was the Little Flower who first became my patroness at the beginning of my vocational journey. She certainly still had much to teach me about my spiritual childhood, the unadultered trust I should have in God my Father and the patience and peace of soul I should have even in the tempest of my weaknesses and shortcomings.

I’ll write on this as it comes up more in prayer, but I encourage an optimism when it comes to dealing with one’s weaknesses. This will come with self-knowledge, but I am pretty sure in our fallen human nature there are “things we do not like about ourselves.”

This isn’t the healthiest way to approach the spiritual life, because the spiritual life is a relationship with Christ!! A friendship! And if we lose patience with ourselves, we are going to snuff out the proper growth, especially in affective maturity, which Our Lord is guiding us through. He wants to teach us how to be a friend.

I encourage you to look over your friendships and how you relate to others, especially those you are most fond of. It will help you to see how you relate to God, trust me there isn’t a huge chasm between the two.

As Saint Therese teaches, offer God the Father everything in union with the Wounds of Jesus, I suggest you even place everything into His Sacred Wounds every day, multiple times throughout the day. And then be patient with yourself. The spiritual life isn’t magic; it is grace built on our nature, that is, built upon who you are! Remember, God loves YOU, and all that you are.

It will take work to order our affections and our intentions, but patience!

On another note, but still entrusted to Saint Therese, your help would be much appreciated in the expenses of the coming academic year. With that in mind, I want your gift to assist the formation of seminarians. Over the past year, benefactors have made it possible for Filii Passionis to provide over 125 men, mostly seminarians but also religious, and women religious with a copy of the Meditations from the School of Jesus Crucified. You can find a copy for yourself HERE.

Your participation in this campaign will be rewarded in eternity. Just on Monday one of the men for whom a copy was provided told me how beneficial the book of meditations has been for his spiritual life. He will be entering a traditional Benedictine monastery at the conclusion of his studies this coming Spring. Pray for him!

My goal is $8000, and this will make it possible for 500 seminarians to receive a copy of my publication! Please help and please pray for my intentions and for vocations! Lord, grant us priests! Lord, grant us many priests! Lord, grant us many holy priests and religious vocations!


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