35% off, but act quickly

Well, to be industrious in the spiritual life, sometimes you have to be industrious in daily life.

My book distributor is offering a 35% discount for Cyber Monday. For those in Europe, I apologize for such the late notice on this. But you have until at least 9 am Rome time (maybe even a bit past) to catch this deal. Click HERE for my bookstore. Use code CM35 for 35% off. Hurry!

The code is CM35. It puts the books at an amazing price! And with these discounts, the support I receive is not diminished. I am always trying to find these good deals for you guys.

More posts will be coming. The past few weeks have been busy with extraordinary schoolwork. I have an exam in two days as well. I appreciate your prayers. God willing I become a priest in the future, all of this study is intended for such an end! May I be given the strength to work diligently.

Please remember Bishop Morlino in your prayers, he died on Saturday evening. I’ll be serving a Requiem for him tomorrow, with absolutions at the catafalque.

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