#GivingTuesday for Filii Passionis

Donate: HERE

For those who give $150+, you will receive a copy of your choice of one of my hardcopy publications (Devotion to the Blessed Virgin OR Flowers of the Passion) and a copy of the meditations yourself (or some other choice of a softcover, if you so desire). [you can check out my publications at www.lulu.com/spotlight/JesusCrucified]. Please leave your address in the private notes of your donation and your choice of works.

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As many of you know, I have for the past year had a campaign to provide copies of a 31-day book of meditations on the Passion of Our Lord. The meditations are from a book called the School of Jesus Crucified and are published in a pocket-size edition to provide ease and a go-to option for sustaining one’s mental prayer.

We are going through so much (as we always are) in the Church these days, and I think more and more are really “feeling” this because it is touching on the image and hope we place in these priests who are to be guiding us. So what she would do, pray and fast. And we should be finding ways to support young men and young priests, that they may be HOLY PRIESTS.

Over the past year, nearly 150 copies of these meditations have been given to seminarians, priests, and religious. I want to get this book into the hands of 500 more seminarians! I need your help with this!

Lord, grant us priests!

Lord, grant us many priests!

Lord, grant us many holy priests and religious vocations!

N.B. All benefactors, in every form, are remembered at the celebration of the Holy Mass in the extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite each month by a priest friend of mine.

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