Benefactor Mass and Books for Seminarians

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass will be offered by a priest friend of mine for the benefactors of Filii Passionis today (Tuesday) at 1 PM Rome time. Please unite your prayers to this Mass and know that your prayers will be included in the intention for the Mass.

I am so grateful for all the support and prayers that I receive. Often I’ll get little notes from people encouraging me by their prayers. These mean so much and are helpful in the daily perseverance of this project. Also, it is magnificent to see how far reaching this apostolate is, even in this seminal form of the blog and the books.

Sometimes I get messages of this or that holy card being found at a parish in the States I’ve never been to; I can’t begin to fathom the assistance of these prayers. The most recent email was from a seminarian. We entered seminary together and he eventually switched seminaries; I haven’t seen him since 2011 or 2012. He sent an email asking for a copy of the Meditations on the Passion for himself. Thanks to generosity in the campaign for the Books for Seminarians, I was able to send 10 copies to him.

Please spread the news of this campaign to provide a copy of this book for seminarians. My first goal is about 250 books for one seminary. [We are at 70 with the current level of giving, with the 10 being provided through my seminarian friend]. So your help in spreading the news of the campaign will produce fruit in the lives of future priests that goes beyond our expectations.

God reward you for your help in this.

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