First Friday: February 2019

O Most Precious Blood of Jesus, infinite price of the redemption of sinful humanity, solace and refreshment of our souls, Thou continuously foster our cause before the throne of Supreme Mercy.  I profoundly adore Thee and want, as much as possible, to make reparation for the insults and disrespect Thou hast received from mankind, especially from those who dare to blaspheme.

Who will not bless this Blood of infinite value!  Who would not be set aflame with love toward Jesus who shed this Blood?  Who would I be if this Divine Blood had not redeemed me?  Who removed it from the veins of my Lord to the last drop?  Love did it!  O immense love, which bestowed upon us this saving balm!  O immeasurable balm which sprang from a spring of immense love, may all hearts and languages praise Thee, exult Thee and give Thee thanks now and forever. Amen

Find the Devotions for First Friday: HERE.

See how you can help spread devotion to the Passion of Our Lord among seminarians by supporting the campaign Books for Seminarians, at this link HERE. The first goal is to provide around 250 books to the North American College in Rome. We are only at the 25% mark for this initial goal. In the end, this campaign is meant to provide 500 seminarians with a copy of a book of meditations on the Passion. Can you help? By praying for this campaign, by spreading the news of this effort, and by prayerfully considering to participate financially?

May God reward you!

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