Scala Santa: on Votive of Our Lady of Sorrows

Secret from the Mass of Our Lady of Sorrows, the prayer whispered by the Priest before the Preface of the Mass: 

O Lord Jesus Christ, we offer You prayers and sacrificial gifts, humbly beseeching You that, as we prayerfully recall the piercing of the most sweet soul of Your blessed Mother Mary, so through the merits of Your death and the manifold intercession of her and her holy friends at the foot of the Cross, we may have our reward with the blessed. Who livest and reignest with God the Father, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, world without end. R. Amen

Soul of Christ, sanctify me…
Passion of Christ, strengthen me…
Within Thy Wounds, hide me…

Meditate frequently on the sorrows of the Mother of God sorrows inseparable from those of her beloved Son. If you go to the crucifix, you will there find the Mother, and, on the other hand, wherever the Mother is, there, also, is the Son.

Saint Paul of the Cross
The Chapel of Our Lady of Sorrows in the Passionist choir

It was a great grace and honor to bring all of your intentions to the Scala Santa today. I was even accompanied by a priest friend. There was a sense of – “Everything is going to be okay…”

I say that not as a testament of resignation, or disinterestedness, but with faith and hope. We can analyze “’til the cows come home” (something we say in Nebraska) the sorrows and crises in the Church, in the world. And, in a sense, we should. We should learn from our faults, in humility. But, we should also move forward! Our eternal beatitude, our final good, is God Himself! What are we doing to obtain this? [Might I add, this is all gift…] But how are we cooperating? How are we loving? At our judgment, it won’t be sufficient to say, but those people in ’68 brought revolution, and those people tried to change morality, and I, well, I did this. And I did that. … We will be asked: “How did you love Me?”…

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