Happy Easter!

Dear Friends, I wish you a Blessed and Happy Easter! My time in Venice was very beautiful – and the community was very grateful for the assistance of my American priest friends – allowing Solemn liturgies to be celebrated during Holy Week.

In these days of Paschaltide, I will be taking a break from social media. I ask your prayers in this regard. A priest pointed out to me recently how Jesus appears individually to disciples after the Resurrection – he told me to let Jesus do the same to me, and to ask Him for what I need. I encourage the readers of Filii Passionis to not be afraid to be honest with Our Lord. Tell Him what you need, He knows already, but He likes to hear it from you. Be brutally honest with Jesus. Without this, you may not be being honest with yourself.

After Vespers and Benediciton with the Patriarch of Venice on Easter Sunday

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