…with love…

Several of the psalms begin with these words: “Sing to the Lord a new song.” That is surprising, because we repeat the same psalms, say these same words again and again. But sung with love, the song really is always new, because love makes everything new all the time. Love never tires. The Holy Spirit can renew the love in our hearts every morning, as well as our faith and trust. The path discovered by Thérèse is a return to the novelty of the Gospel in contrast with our narrow-mindedness, our human limitations, our permanent blocks and hard-heartedness. The Gospel is always new: it always opens up new vistas, new and unforeseeable paths. We will never cease discovering the newness of the Gospel, because we will never cease discovering the ever-new richness of God’s love and mercy.

-Father Jacques Philippe, The Way of Trust and Love

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