Happy Feast of the Assumption!

Prayer to Our Lady after Holy Communion

Most Holy Lady, Mother of God, light of my darkened soul, my hope, my protection, my refuge, my comfort and my joy, I am grateful that you have enabled me, unworthy as I am, to partake of the most pure Body and precious Blood of Your Son. You bore the true Light; give light to the spiritual eyes of my heart. You bore the Fountain of Immortality; give life to me made dead by sin. Kind-hearted Mother of the merciful God, have mercy on me. Give me compunction, contrition of heart, and humility of mind. Recall me from the distractions of my thoughts. Enable me to receive without condemnation and to my last breath the most pure and sanctifying Mysteries for the healing of my soul and body. Grant me tears of repentance and confession so that I may praise and glorify You all the days of my life, for You are blessed and glorified for ever. Amen.

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