Our Lady of Sorrows

I haven’t been very active on here this last month. As I stated earlier in the summer, I have been working intensely on the Catena Aurea: Sunday Gospels project. I am back in Europe, it was a bit difficult to get back — as official Italian documents don’t look SO official outside of the country.

I am currently in Venice, where the picture below is from. I am with priests for this short period before I return to Rome.

I wrote to one of the benefactors for this project last week. A lot of progress has been made. The first and second volumes are almost 100% done. Three of the other volumes require another editing phase and the final formatting. It would be nice to have a whole team on this project; IT IS A LOT OF WORK. I will be very proud of the finished project. AND I thank you again for your patience with the timeline and your support for this project which has made it possible.

Pieta at the FSSP Parish in Venice

The Pope spoke the other day on Contemplation and Compassion. Urging us to pause, to stop and see what is around us. And to “suffer with,” to compassionate… we have our Lady of Sorrows to look at as the perfect example of these two actions. As Scripture [Lk 2:19] testifies, Mary’s way of approaching anything was to “keep it and ponder in her heart.” She looked upon things, upon the world, having assimilated the gaze of God, as the Pope encourages us to do. But, she didn’t only do that; it was she who stood at the foot of the Cross, compassionating her Son.

Simply that act of our Lady has kept the hearts and minds of saints busy their entire lives. Make it true of you — think on our Lady and she will bring you ever closer to her Son.

The Nicopaeia chapel: go HERE to hear the amazing Venetian tone for the Litany of Our Lady

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