Transitus of St. Paul of the Cross

Today (the 18th) is the Transitus of St. Paul of the Cross — the day of his death. Tomorrow is one of the days kept as his feast. Following upon the Feast of St. Margaret Mary Alocoque I wanted to provide quotes in St. Paul of the Cross’s writings on the Sacred Heart.

These quotes come from the chapter entitled “The Passion and the Sacred Heart of Jesus” from a compilation of the saint’s writings on different spiritual topics in relation to the Passion of Jesus, entitled Flowers of the Passion (you can find copies here: hardcover and softcover):

Let your heart consume itself more and more in the sanctuary of the Heart of Jesus, and let the ashes of the victim fall into the boundless ocean of divine charity.

The moment has come when you should more than ever die to all that is not God, that you may the more lovingly commune with Him alone. Let your life be as hidden as possible. Lock yourself up in the great sanctuary of the divine Heart, for there the soul is nourished by her divine Spouse with that wine which strengthens, vivifies, inflames the soul, and causes her to take flight to the contemplation of the supreme Monarch; it is in that sanctuary that the soul learns the science of the saints which is taught only to the humble.

In the Heart of Jesus be constantly recollected; it is not necessary that you should feel and taste the divine presence, but it is all-important that you keep yourself in that presence by pure faith, devoid of all self-satisfaction.

When you attain true humility of heart and self-contempt ask leave of Jesus to enter His divine Heart, and you will at once obtain it. Place yourself as a victim on that altar, where the fire of divine love is ever burning. Let this sacred flame burn you to the marrow of your bones; then, if the breath of the Holy Spirit raise you to the contemplation of the divine mysteries, leave to your soul the liberty of losing herself in this holy contemplation. Oh, how pleasing to God is this practice!

O Jesus, my Sovereign Good, when Thou wert scourged, what were the sentiments of Thy most holy Heart! O dear Spouse of my sould how greatly did the sight of my sins and my ingratitude afflict Thee! O my Love! would that I could die for Thee!

The tomb of Saint Paul of the Cross.

In your charity, please pray for the repose of +Maria Teresa who died yesterday, she is the mother of a dear friend of mine. You can pray the De Profundis for the repose of her soul:

2 thoughts on “Transitus of St. Paul of the Cross

  1. Thank you for your posts. God Bless you. I ordered your books and I am enjoying them. I love the Charism of the Passionits. I would like to a lay Sister one day.


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