Station Church, 2021: XLIII

— Feria IV Majoris Hebdomadae — Statio ad S. Mariam Majorem —

St. Helena has come up many times during our Lenten series on the Station Churches. At today’s Station Church we find yet again one of the relics brought by her from the Holy Land to Rome: a part of the manger of Christ.

On this day which we commemorate as that day which Judas began his betrayal of Christ, orchestrating the handover of Christ, we find ourselves at the chapel which houses that first piece of wood upon which Christ laid His Head.

St. Teresa of Jesus desired to compassionate Christ for as He said Himself, He had nowhere to lay His Head. She desired, as should we all, that Christ would find upon her breast a place to lay His Head.

How much we can meditate that the Infant Christ laid His Head upon that first piece of wood, ready to give of Himself entirely, to sacrifice Himself entirely, for the salvation of you and of me.

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