Power of the Name of Jesus

That’s my best screen freeze ever. My content here has been less due to my increased priority in building up Instagram and sharing to Facebook from there.

If you are on Instagram head on over to my channel Crux Stationalis and follow there! You’ll see wonderful daily content showcasing the beauty of Rome.

Most of you are aware that I will be shooting a Roman Station Church video series for YouTube for this coming Lent. Stay tuned here and subscribe at YouTube (turn on notifications for my posts, clicking the little bell next to the Subscribe button) and you will see all of that content.

A lot of you have been so supportive throughout the years here – as I have been blogging and studying and publishing.

I am seeking a greater stability in that regard and have thus set up my Patreon page. You can support my work with as little as a $2.50 donation each month. Every bit helps. I certainly need your prayers for this coming project. I was able to save for an amazing camera and I have all the concepts in this ol’ noggin. It will demand great discipline as soon as my plane lands down in Rome.

I’ll announce a major funding goal for this project at the start of February. In the meantime, if you are so inclined, you can find my Patreon account: HERE.

BOOK UPDATE: I’m trucking along with the edits. 1200+ pages that are in 4 volumes! Again! So excited for this to project to be ready for you all! I am also waiting for the Foreword to be written by someone quite special. I’ll announce that soon! Thanks for your patience with that project! This one man show can only get so much done in a day.

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