Happy Candlemas!

Happy Feast of the Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary!

…“His name was Simeon; his heart had longed unceasingly for the Messias, and at last, his hope was recompensed… As Mary and Joseph were ascending the steps of the Temple to take Jesus to the Altar, Simeon felt within himself the strong impulse of the Spirit of God; he leaves his house, and walks towards the Temple; the ardor of his desire makes him forget the feebleness of age… amidst the many mothers who had come to present their children, his inspired gaze recognizes the Virgin, of whom he had so often read in Isaias, and he presses through the crowd to the Child she is holding in her arms.”…

Would you recognize the wonders of God? His holy actions?

Let us increase our ardor and seek purity of heart to see God.

And let us not hesitate in our weaknesses as neither did the Holy Simeon hesitate in his old age to see the Messias his heart so longed for.

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