Novena to Saint Gabriel of Our Lady of Sorrows (February 19-27)

O Good Saint Gabriel, God inspired thee to see the Passion of Jesus as it was reflected in the heart of Mary. By her side, thou did stand beneath the Cross of Jesus, gazing on Him and learning the meaning of love. O Saint Gabriel, we wish, to grow in love of God and all His faithful. Remember us in our trials, especially those who are young…

(Here mention your request).

Support us by thy prayers all our days. And when this life is done, may we join thee in Heaven in the joyful company of Jesus and Mary. We humbly ask for the grace of a happy death. Amen.

O Saint Gabriel of our Lady of Sorrows, obtain for our young people the grace of following Jesus with generosity. May they place the gospel at the very heart of their lives. May they desire to love God wholeheartedly as thou did. May they especially obtain a true devotion to the Immaculate and Sorrowful Heart of Mary, and following thy example may we all increase in grace. Pray for us that we will be saints, so we may know the peace and joy of eternal life in Heaven. Amen.

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